Game and Nature Reserves


Erlebnis Zoo Hannover is located in the city centre of Hanover, Germany. The zoo was established on 4 May 1865, and comprises an area of 22 hectares. It contains about 3,414 animals in 237 species, which are cared for by more than 400 employees in the summer season (as of 2010).


The Eilenriede is a 640-hectare inner-city park located within Hannover, Germany. It is one of Europe’s largest urban parks, and is also known locally as “grüne Lunge” meaning “green lung”. The connected forest area is one of the biggest inner-city forest areas in Europe.


The Tiergarten Hannover is a 112 ha large park with forest area in the district of Kirchrode in southeastern Hannover. In the fenced area, visitors can look forward to trails between free-range wild animals move. The zoo is one of the oldest game reserve in Germany and was the end of the 17th century as a highly stately hunting ground eingegattert .


The Maschpark in Hanover district center is a 10 ha large park south of the Old Town . It originated in 1900 and was the first municipal park in Hanover. The system has not changed its original shape and is a testimony of the German garden art of the late 19th century. In the north of Maschpark is the Friedrichswall limited. Between Maschteich and Friedrichswall the 1913 New City Hall completed. The park in triangle shape is in the north and south from the Culemannstraße and the parallel from Friedrich Wall, the east by the Willy-Brandt-Allee and the west line limited. It is home to the northern third of the new town hall with the front of it Trammplatz , the Museum August Kestner and the municipal building authority. Within sight of the are Sprengel Museum and the Lower Saxony State Museum . In the south, the park turns into the green landscape of Leineaue the Maschsee.


The Hermann-Löns-Park in Hanover is a 86-hectare park in the south-eastern city area in the district Kleefeld , the woodlands Eilenriede and Tiergarten together. The park is because of the local plants, buildings and terrain forms an idealized Lower Saxony is landscape. Since its emergence as a public park in the 1930s, the park has retained largely the original form until today. The designation is based on the close links with Hannover Heide -Dichter Hermann Lons. At the park in Kleefeld district the districts bordering Kirchrode and Anderten and woodlands of Eilenriede and animal gardens on. Defined is the park by the Kirchröder street in the West, by the railway line Hannover-Berlin in the north and in the southeast by Hanover freight bypass railway . In the center of the park with a restaurant, a road, there is a public car park at the end. By public transport the park is rail -line 5 reachable. Image Map